Thursday, April 24, 2014

A straight talk about fear

You don't have to have faced death to know
the paralyzing slow motion
of  minutes
face- ripping- drowning
of senses
slipping into an ocean of nothingness.

Just read it in the faces of the survivors.


  1. Powerful words - but who will speak healing, lifeline words which will rescue those survivors from drowning too? Now there's a thought to ponder...

  2. whew....yeah....i remember walking around VT after the was hard...but they needed the hugs and an ear...

  3. It strips us of our dignity and leaves us vulnerable and exposed. It underscores our humanity and its survival...

  4. I have an opportunity to go with a team of mediators to spend time with the victims of the Oso landslide. Three days of training, then full time for a month or more. My turn to be there. At the same time, my husband is being looked at to try to figure out why he had a cardiac arrest in January. I can be useful in Oso.

  5. I sobbed, outright sobbed the first night the boat in Korea that sunk was on the news. I saw one father undone by his grief. That was all it took. I was sobbing. Your words are true and powerful.

  6. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  7. You're right- the faces of those who wait... haunting.