Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sometimes, I try to be invisible.

Sitting in the parking lot
at Walmart, babysitting my youngest brothers, I want to
be invisible to my friends
and their mothers who hurry past me.
Mom and my little sisters are
rushing through the aisles picking
up food for the week.

When they return, Mom  drops a bag of cheetos
on our lap, telling us to share without fussing
before stashing the groceries in the trunk.

I see people eyeing our basket
as they pass us
thinking how come
we have to support those
extra mouths with our taxes
and food stamps; thinking
it's our fault
we can't afford stuff.

I pretend I'm in church- head down so
nobody sees me in the ugly car we're in-
waiting for the service to end
the food  put away
Mom in the front seat proud
she managed seven bags this week
with her food stamps.

Did you buy ice-cream, I ask.
Not this time, she says, I promised Dad I'd pick him up some beer on the way home.


  1. it makes me so furious when I hear people talk about people who need assistance...getting rich on welfare. really? none of those ignorant people know a thing about it. I'd much prefer my tax money going to help those in need instead of buying more tanks the army doesn't want or need.

  2. no one sees me in church....ha...sad isnt it...and the looks, the snide comments...the less than worthy feelings...ugh...the beer over the ice sad...

  3. It makes me red in the face when I hear people dismissing those on benefits as "scroungers". Starting with the government. If only they knew! Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. You made me see her, feel her, for a moment be her. Difficult situation for adults; excruciating for the children. How sad to choose beer over ice cream...
    A wise and compassionate poem, Rosaria. Thank you.

  5. I'm with Ellen- more food stamps and less bombs. And let's make the stamps pretty so every kid would like to get them. And have the store clerks taking them do it in an honoring way.

  6. Yep. I'd rather give a child a hand than pay for a single bullet.

  7. it's a complicated story, isn't it? but no one should judge and we are all one another and so shouldn't we assist one another on the journey?

    no shame. only living:)))

    i like that you are brave in this one with a new perspective, rosaria.