Friday, November 4, 2011

Tell me...

You called.
I miss seeing you, you say.
I hear something else in your voice: Be brave!
And I want to be that brave.

I talk and talk and talk
ending up at the same place
the same hurt keeps my pace.
I thought I could talk about other things, I say.

You will, in time, you say
 and  a hand on my shoulder stretches
across the back
all the way around
and into my heart strings.
Yet, the sixty miles of vascular highway
sinewy nerve endings, and muscles in my legs
cease to support me.

My wound covered her carpet.


  1. Wow. I understand all of this too well. I love those who allowed me to talk. I couldn't listen. I had to talk. Thankfully, there are those who will listen.

  2. that was beautiful....and spot on
    you have a way with hearfelt words and thoughts
    so glad that you have such a friend

  3. "My wound stained her carpet!" Powerful.

  4. I thought I could talk about other things, I say.

    How can we talk of other things when one things weighs so heavily?

    Rosaria, this is achingly written. My heart feels the pull of it.

  5. Oh, Rosaria, it's so honest and full of heartache, and beautiful because of that. I'm glad you can write. (And I don't mean only that you can write well)

  6. Rosaria, how profoundly and with how much beauty you captured your emotions in every line and every word! ‘I must live up to brave I think. I must live beyond this wound.’
    Four young men in our family have passed way, way too early, and I have seen and experienced the agony that lingers on and on. But I have also seen that joy and peace do return, that great gifts of happiness and new life will come along and slowly start filling the void and subdue the pain.
    We are living up to living; that’s the courage we have to muster day by day, by not giving up no matter how deep the abyss, how high the mountain, no matter the aches and disappointments. It's never easy.
    God bless you!

  7. What a short, powerful read. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to keeping up with your site!

    - Matt

  8. There is so much here, in the conversations we have, and how they affect us with each other. We can feel pain only so far, but we do feel it for one another. Really fine writing.

  9. Talk about what you can talk about and feel what you feel. It is all you need to do. Forgive us for asking you to do anything more.

  10. there is to much in this world for there to be a right and a wrong way. look at just the highway of the self!

    we stain one another every day. and we pick one another up every day. and we fall often.