Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dandelion days.

Some refuse to be coaxed
into a community garden
as the newly- tempered arugula
has learned to take its proper place on the plate
and chamomile
waits for evening to do its trick.
Some take way too much space.

We didn't see their habits in early Spring
their youthful blush of morning
was just a Marguerite
dreaming up lover's claims.

By Summer, their underground
suckers saw no limits, seeds
spreading like wildfire across space
choking all other life in their way.

Autumn's promise for apples and grapes
can never be fulfilled
as long as the dandelion runs a- muck
among the civilized species of the community garden.


  1. I'm one of the few who actually likes dandelions. They're colourful.. in parks and in those civilized communities.

  2. awww...but i like dandelions...
    but i know they can def be harmful...
    sometimes you got to pull the weeds to allow for new life eh?

  3. We have a huge community garden here ... smaller gardens sprinkled throughout the city .. farmer's markets all over the place. We Oregonians do love good produce!!!

  4. It all depends where. Dandelions in a field can be colorful, in a garden crowding out others, not welcome.

  5. Oh, yes, I remember the weekend weeding ordeals prying dandelions out of our grass front and back yards in California. If we didn't, they really would take over. Here in Arizona, we don't see them so much, but, of course, there are other weeds that spring up in our "crushed granite" yards. There is, by the way, a community garden here and it is wondrous! I have something of a brown thumb, but am so impressed with what others are able to nurture and grow!

  6. I kept thinking that some people are just like dandelions never keeping their place in the world, demanding way too much attention; creating way too much work; never cooperating for the common welfare, too loud, too visible, too demanding.

  7. Dandelions. Not until we had a garden did I find out how harmful they were. And they multiply so quickly! Blimey, I mowed the lawn last week and they're back now.

    Greetings from London.

  8. I have a friend who owns a pot belly pig. She discovered her pig goes around the whole yard and eats them all..

    Good point Rosaria about comparing dandelions to people!

  9. Some well as humans.......refused to be coaxed into our community garden.

    I've not planted my garden as yet, but am mentally planning the basil, oregano and tarragon patches......and allowing for them all to take over the earth in the inevitable way they do.

  10. The banks along our pond are LOADED with those dandies...all fluffy and white, about to multiply!