Thursday, August 8, 2013

By the water.

I stop at the end of the walk in front of the phone-camera
by the  man I've known for forty seven years and one month
weeks of worries
days of planning
hours of smells
demands, offerings
remembrances of slights
waves of grief
are exposed in each other's faces.

Sand and gravel between our toes
will be washed away with
the next wave
and the pounding sounds on the nearby rocks
will color this day with
visions of the infinite.

I mirror his smile.


  1. smiles..that you are still doing it together....that is the beautiful thing to me....and so much we can see in each others faces...esp after having been together for such time...and while the ground may be washed away or turned, you still are the constant...

  2. After all those years ... mirroring each other's smiles is impossibly sweet. Wishing you many more miles and miles of smiles.

  3. There's nothing like having lived a history together! A lovely, touching post!

  4. one of the many faces of marriage:)))))


  5. That for this lovely post that speaks of your deep and lasting relationship. Isn't comforting to read another's face and know on such a deep level what is being reflecting in that face?

  6. Beautiful, Rosaria! While so much in life is ephemeral as footsteps on the sand, the trust and love and shared experiences of a long marriage are a lovely constant.