Monday, September 28, 2015

At my Funeral

At your funeral, my husband said as we drove to the doctor, I'll share
your writings with everyone. If they show up at your funeral, they have known you. I plan on saying a few words then, but will encourage them to read your stories slowly and often if they wish to hear your thoughts.

My thoughts in my words? Words are invented. We'll celebrate our fiftieth next July. You know me from my deeds. You know more of me than anyone else.


  1. We do know you from your words ~~ and deeds. We are blessed. This is lovely, Rosaria.

  2. Interesting the legacies we leave...but I agree that our deeds speak the loudest, though our words, our writings, remain to inspire and comfort. I find joy and consolation in reading my beloved Aunt Molly's poetry all these years after her death. She lives on in them -- and in my memory, too, of her many kind deeds,