Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Our Element

At lunch with an Ambition martini, 
Leather chairs embracing our backs,
Figures, yearly goals, power-suits and Ocean views
Reflected in floor- to -ceiling windows 
Everyone and everything superimposed in a nearly- perfect pairing
All the things we loved, all in one place,
Air-conditioned to keep us all content and productive.

The last time we got wet and cold,
We couldn’t
Hear ourselves for the
Screeching  seagulls,  we couldn’t
Trace our steps for
Waves erasing our footprints.

We ran after empty sandwich bags
Cleaning the shore of all human waste,
Waves lapping our fast retreats
Sand burying all other ambitions.

We feasted on crab we caught
and tossed on the fire, hair and seaweed mixed together,
human and vegetable, water and sand, a perfect pairing
In that cold and windy place.
We laughed and ran and ate and cuddled up at the end.
We were in our element.


  1. Beautiful writing here, my friend!
    I love the contrast of the air conditioned power suits and the hair and seaweed mixed together.

    Beautiful tribute to love the to the sea!

  2. Very nice! Gotta' love the ocean!

  3. and so what's more real, more important? my, we have straid too far. leather chairs mean nothing, don't you know?