Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm in a pensive mood,
Daddy's sing-song voice
haunting me,
the soundtrack of this reverie.
I want to tell Mother how life will be better.
We'll all be on strong footing after this,
After this sidewalk  disappears
After this house is destroyed
Forever erasing our lives together.
We will write long letters to each other
Staying in this picture for a while
keeping  those songs playing.
We are still standing tall, I want to tell her,
Our children close to us. 


  1. Love the photo. It makes me think back to "When I Was Your Age."

  2. Thanks, Normal!
    Eva, you have a good memory.

    This month is my mother's, my daughter's and my youngerst son's birthday. Holidays tug at my heart string.

  3. If our parents only knew what would come after their passing. It's quite incredible to contemplate, and wonder how they would feel.

  4. Isn't that the truth? How wonderful and complicated life has become in just a few decades! Thanks for the visit, Ruth.

  5. Some facts few people know about me and my family:
    1. both my brother and I left home at a young age. I never returned to live close.
    2. my house was destroyed and there are no indicators that there was ever a house in that place.
    2. I missed decades without them, missing them, missing all I left behind.

    You see, I was the only one who emigrated to the United States.