Friday, May 13, 2011

between weeds and roses

I wash the dirt that accumulates in my creases
after a few hours of weeding rose beds
surprised by hunger and thirst
and pains shooting up my legs
and down my arms.

Among these brambles
one knows not what to grab
what to cut
what to pull and destroy.

How did these roots end up strangled and

Neglect causes the worst damage.


  1. this piece could easily have ended after pull and destroy for me. i was almost left there anyway, as it is in this place of unknowing that we live, stumble through day to day.

    a wonderful metaphor, rosaria. and so we keep at work:) and breathe deeply.


  2. Erin, this is yet a version that I came up with when the original didn't get posted, nor saved. I do agree with you, the last two lines are superflous.
    Hope you're looking at brighter moments ahead. I think of what's in your path, and I don't know what to say, except, this too shall pass, and a new morning will come.