Sunday, May 29, 2011

Step Two: Add the background story.

You were talking about the picture on the previous post. In this step, you'll be talking about what you were doing before or after that picture. Were you at home watching television, doing homework, celebrating...?

This is the time to freeze time, and tell your version of that moment. Was everyone else in that part of the world doing the same thing, the same way?  Add your family's version of a dish, your version of that celebration.

Are you writing these meanderings in long hand or typing them on a computer?
Wouldn't it be lovely for your grandchildren to see your handwriting, how your special letters were formed?


  1. Good prompts. I immediately said: "Oh, I hadn't thought of that."

  2. I wish my grandmothers had done this!

  3. I'm with Ruth. That would have been awesome.

  4. I can't wait to get back home to my pictures next week so I can start on this. I'm so glad you have started this blog!

  5. The fun part is that any picture will do to get you started.
    So, Broad, you don't have to get back home. Look at your passport picture and start there.
    Surely, you can talk about the day you took the picture. The excitement of traveling, planning, anticipating. Start ANywhere, and then go back at your own pace.

    I had to INVENT my grandparents' lives when I wrote the second part of my memoir. I knew very few things about them, and i wrote these on a piece of paper and kept them by my side the entire time, so that I would HONOR who they were, what they meant to me.