Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thanks, I'll take one!

(Many thanks to the creator of this stand. Thanks too to the blogger who shared it. Apologies for not knowing your names.)

Isn't this just the cure for everything?
Right out there on the fence line, inviting the passerby's to pick up a copy and enjoy the gift of poetry.
Better than a lemonade stand.
Better than a bench even.
Better than a basket of free apples.

Stop by any blog on the way to...and pick up a poem here, a story there, a recipe around the corner, a tool and a product to make your life better.
The only problem with this easy accessibility:
We forget how much work and blood and tears go into each poem, each story, each intellectual product we can access so easily, borrow, and transport away. Just like this picture! 
We pay for the lemonade.
We subsidize the bench maker.
We send thanks to the apple procurer.

Let's reward the artists properly. Let's tell them loudly and with numeration, that their work is most valuable, priceless, more important than anything else on the street!


  1. Good luck convincing the Republican Congress of that! The arts don't seem to be a high priority.

  2. It would be so cool if everyone did that with their work. I like this.

  3. Beautiful picture, and what a lovely piece you've written to accompany it! Let's support the poets, the writers, let's support them any way we can!

  4. The photo is quite wonderful. And well, you know I like your suggestion. :-)

  5. Novel idea. How nice to share, hope it is appreciated

  6. True. We often take some things for granted and for free. It is probably either because we do not appreciate its true value or because we value it, but do not know how the joy we feel translates into more tangible remuneration.

  7. Yes, the word is remuneration!
    Thanks, everyone.