Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eager for sunny days.

It has been raining and storming for days and days since January. The prospect of six months of indoor life was not what this cat knew in her old days in California.

We are all stuck in the house, waiting for small breaks when we can run out and explore. Here, we are down the path to the boat house, Newkie sniffing around at the tool shed. A minute ago she was whining from the deck, uncomfortable about coming down, begging me to return to her.

She scampers off to this wood pile, and loses herself in the hunt.

She doesn't care for wet surfaces, avoids any creek bed on purpose, jumping over them if they have just been rained on. She has yet to discover slugs and fish and frogs and...

In a month or so, when the rainy season slows down to a trickle and then leaves us for six months, the arbors will rise in my front yard, a new creek bed will join the pond by the front yard,  and Newkie will have a north facing playground to climb on, jump in,  sniff around.
Perhaps, she'll dip her paw in some wet stuff and begin to enjoy the watery world she lives in.
She wants to go out first thing in the morning, eager for me to get out of bed and open the door for her. She stands there and sniffs the rain for a while, then returns to her warm bed by the heater.


  1. I'm with Newkie .. early Spring is the most difficult time for me. Winter seems to hang on for so long on my side of the Cascades! I am beginning to see a few buds, always encouraging.

  2. Love it how she's the princess of the house. :) Xoxo to Newkie!!!

  3. I remember so well the year we lived in Olympia the endless wet, wet, wet and the relief when suddenly Spring turned warm, the trees bloomed and paradise reigned instead of rained!

  4. Poor Newkie! Hope the sun returns soon!

  5. These creatures sure do control our lives. Why is it they want to nudge us out of our warm beds? Then, once we are up, they curl up and go back to sleep. I hope all of you have some sun soon.

  6. It seems like paradise for a cat, even if a little too damp for her taste. She'll adjust.

  7. And is Newkie reflected in Rosaria?