Friday, July 20, 2012

Attention Surplus Syndrome

Thirteen and still not kissed.
Bumps, distractions, irritations
Middle of the day in middle school. 

She buys an ice-cream cone, knowing He'll see and stop and talk on the way back to class. For a good twenty minutes, she watches the basketball game He's playing, knowing He'll want a lick or two, and then...  

A very tall girl in red gym shorts, she used to play basketball, before she thought of licking this cone slowly, letting sugar puddles form on her closed fist and drip down her long torso wetting her gym shirt. She saw this in a t.v. show and took notes, when she still took good notes. 

The lunch- end- stampede scatters the crowd, and she loses sight of Him. 

She rushes to the bathroom to wash up and text him,and now she's late for class and sure to gain detention after school. 

She has to find another way.


  1. Oh, God, I'm so glad I don't have to go through all of that stuff any more! You have described it deliciously and exactly right.

  2. middle school is the worst I think.

  3. Thirteen--probably the worst age ever. You have caught it perfectly. thank you.

  4. she has to find another way.......but this is the inevitable threshold of locating one's integrity. yes, it does start then, and for many goes on and on, until......?

    what an honest moment. it reminds me of how i, as a college freshman, waited in a library for a fellow classmate who was to become my husband.

    as ds says, you caught it perfectly.