Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What I don't carry fills the rest of my bag...

I pack lightly these days:
comfortable shoes
a raincoat.

If I need something badly I can purchase it anywhere.
Someone is bound to have all the things we ever want or need
or inventing something we
don't know yet we want.

The rest: 
sad thoughts
un-packable regrets
wordless thanks 
gift-less objects 
each scent
each sight
a tiny molecule in the trunk of loss that follows me everywhere.


  1. That's a heavy bag, and a poetic moment I can relate to. I like the title a lot.

  2. Trunk of loss - It does go everywhere with us, doesn't it?

  3. oh my that should be published,,,so beautiful and layered
    you have nailed grief so well
    and yes, I still carry mine..all these 40 years
    mostly that nagging regret
    but you are right we still travel

  4. we drag so much around with us in this life......and we need so little, really. this is a profound paean to that gaping, seemingly bottomless yearning.

    some wise person once wrote that we are surrounded by paradise and we don't even know it.