Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some people do it better.

Here I am eating mussels in wine broth at Redfish Restaurant in Port Orford, a dish I would normally prepare and eat at home.

I have prepared many steamed mussels and clams dishes, Our Christmas Vigil meal always included a chioppino or steamed clams. How is it then that I gladly leave the comforts of home, and come here to enjoy a simple meal like this?


I do not know great suppliers, fishermen or distributors of seafood products who'd drop everything and bring me what I need, when I need it, as often as I need it. A restaurant has those connections, or better have them. A restaurant scouts up and down the food chain for just that ability to get a good product to prepare on their premises. If they can't get it, they don't serve it!

I would have to get a seafood harvesting license, don my waterproof boots, identify areas in my vicinity where mussels are safe to harvest, and spend a cold morning by rocky shores trying to pull and cut enough mussels to feed me. The license is the only easy step in this transaction.

I notice that Redfish has special salt flakes on its unsalted butter! What are those red flakes, I ask.  They inform me I'm tasting Hawaiian salt. What a delightful change on the palate, for sure, I admit. Now that's better than any butter I ever tasted. Oh, it is ordinary until the flakes are added.

So, I try to improve my cooking skills by searching and acquiring great products as the professionals have done, and accept that they will do a better job providing me with memorable meals when I'm not able to do so. Yes, some people can do things better than I can. And they are worth every penny they charge. Plus tips!


  1. Any kind of seafood with any kind of pasta and I'm happy whether at home (when things are in season) or at a restaurant. My favorite restaurants specialize in seafood and I love the creative ways they prepare dishes.
    p.s. It's nice to see a recent photo of you.

  2. i LOVE steamed mussels!!!
    If you have a good recipe, I would love it if you can share it with me. :)
    Lovely photo btw. :)

  3. I'm not a great fan of shellfish, having had some dreadful experiences with them. But glad you enjoy them.

  4. you look so nice, and so happy
    I love it when dining is an experience
    you made me chuckle a bit

  5. I liked reading about why you are eating out. I think this makes perfectly good sense. I have found that I appreciate dining where the food preparers actually do all those things you describe. Unfortunately, it seems that so many places serve substandard food these days. That is so upsetting.

  6. I've been craving steamed mussels for awhile. But I haven't got the time to have one. Ugh! I'm salivating just by reading that you ate one. Lucky you.
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