Monday, September 17, 2012

Starting in the middle.

Oh, to know the center
the middle 
of things
an intimate knowledge of beginnings
without the fear of that other way-far-off-stage
waiting for
a piece of mail
a check
a visit from a loved one.

are unfilled pods
unripe fruit
a hint of a true self.

Only endings offer completeness.

Oh, how much more useful
it might be to know
the ending
that molting
we fear to become.


  1. This is so wise, so full of insight .. I will print it, keep it in my 'book of amazing poetry.' I turn 71 tomorrow, this seems especially appropriate today.

  2. Thought-provoking, Rosaria. Bear is going to have to think.

  3. Eloquent and thought provoking words that resound with where my life is today.

  4. I'll be pondering this for a while!

  5. I've often thought that it's good we don't know what awaits us since we can't imagine how we would survive some of it. But I appreciate this perspective that knowing the ending might make us less fearful to become fully us. Yes, I like this thought.

  6. i have been thinking a great deal on the middle, on half way. rosaria, i think it is an illusion, as too beginnings and endings. every damn moment is all of these)))

    i love: Beginnings
    are unfilled pods
    unripe fruit
    a hint of a true self.

    but this is our every moment, rosaria. we will never never know, only be in the process of knowing:)