Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Better get ready for the next dance!

This place 
juts out
like a tallus 
 hills and forests scaling ocean stacks for miles
and hours. 
Here, sky and land perform wedding rituals
every year at this time
water stirred into frothy chasm
blurring all boundaries.

You can't see land from sky, ocean from shore, one becomes the other, over and around each other they'll blend into one wet dance, a bitter- slasher- monster- dance
that changes the world as you know it. 

 When it's over, and the sun shines again, you forget the sound and the fury, but for the note on the calendar:
Next year, 


  1. oh I thought it was going to be Italy

  2. Hawaii sounds like a great plan! Of course, we'll see photos?

  3. I think that sounds like a plan, a very good plan.

  4. Hawaii? Somehow, i think not, for this Bear. Hope you have a grand time if you go.

  5. i laugh.

    but but BUT

    it is uncharacteristically warm here today (and during the last couple weeks perhaps) and james and i walked fretting over the environment, wishing it cooler for the insects, for the red berries that usually freeze to the plant (they will fall off in this warmth), for the plants that don't know when or how to grow any more, and as we came back into town we saw an elderly gentleman slowly moving wood to his woodpile. i shouted out to him hello and isn't it so strange, it is almost like summer! and he said back, ya, we need about five more months of this weather. and james and i said quietly, noooooo, quite the opposite. how we need our natural borders, our deaths, our rebirths. how we need our winters, our summers. and yes, time to time even our Hawaii.