Saturday, January 19, 2013

Moments of color.

(downloaded from the internet-origin unknown)

I just need one moment when the path
ahead is full of light
when the footing is sure
destination anticipated
with joy.

All I see are spiders over
and legs
and barnacles
up to more
numbers than birthdays
cake dreams
nobody splurges in anymore.

All I need is a moment of light.


  1. mmm...nic elayering of the build up..the barnacles, the dandruf and spiders (yik)...i hope the light finds you a bit today

  2. Beautiful. I know the feeling, the absence of light. We never know when and how it will return. Wishing you that moment.

  3. dear rosaria, you need to read simone weil's gravity and grace. it is not easy and it is not what anyone might expect, but if consumed in bits, one garners sustenance.

    does it always seem the light is behind us as we learn? oh, if it is the case then we are not learning, i think. (i admonish myself as well.) there are too many gifts now now now to not see the light. and so we try together, my friend)))

    (i am so glad you are honestly exploring your pain but please, do not lose yourself to darkness. there is as much light in pain as the opposite)))


  4. Winter is not an easy time. Less light can make people feel very pessimistic and anxious. I hope you have some sun soon so you can walk in the light.

  5. It's all a cycle, the light and dark, the loss and gain, the clarity and fog. Light returns.

  6. Ohhhhh I know that feeling. I wonder if it is just this time of year. sometimes it is hard to be still and wait and trust...

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  8. How sad this is. Mainly because you are always a moment of light for me! Although sad, I understand it and found it quite beautiful.