Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My cat is stalking me...

I have a reason to get up at dawn every day. My cat tell me so! She jumps on the bed to nuzzle with me, and after five minutes of calm time, she stands by the door and meows loudly. It's time to freshen up the food bowl, she calls. If I pretend to be asleep, she jumps up on the bed and hovers over me. Now!!!!!!!!!!!she howls!

She pretends to sleep
closing her eyes
turning her body away so I can't tell what it is she is doing and waits for me to do something else.

Meow, she says after a minute or so and plops herself down in front of me and stretches out demanding to be brushed. I can continue my typing, but her sounds are quite disturbing. Brush both sides a couple of times; brush under the chin, more here; more there. Suddenly, she's up and out of sight, trying out a new hiding place.

But the minute I get up and move, there she goes, ahead of me, down the hall and to the room where she has anticipated I would go. Many times, I find her outside the bathroom waiting for me to resume my position at the computer, even if she had gone outdoor a few minutes before.

She knows what I'm up to, and tracks my every step.

When I leave the house for a walk, she waits by the door until I return. Or, jumps out the window and walks me to the end of the driveway where she waits for the entire time that I'm out of her sight. (I like to think of her as my mama cat!)

The couch she is sitting on is her favorite perching place, right behind me as I type this. Soon, she'll jump on the arm of my seat and walk across the computer keys, demanding lap times.
Like right now!!!,e-dlc;,,,,,,


  1. haha...my kitten only comes when he wants something...he loves it outside...but comes in to snuggle under our chins or eat...god forbid the food bowl get empty...we def hear about it...lol

  2. We have cat that meows until his food is "fluffed" in the bowl. My guess is that he likes the smell to be just so; my husband thinks he wants the food mounded up so that he doesn't have to sink his chin in. Cats are funny creatures.

  3. Isn't it crazy how these pets begin to rule the household? My vet has a sign in the office that says, "Dogs have masters. Cats have staff." I think your cat thinks of you as "staff." They do bring so much more joy to our lives though, don't they?

  4. you are loved by a cat, lucky you

    Happy Aloha to YOU
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  5. I suspect that your cat is stroking your psyche ...

  6. ah you are the chosen one...
    feed me
    hard to ignore
    I have three staring at me in the morning

  7. My cat usually wants out at 4 AM. And she will meow insistently until someone gets up to let her out. Other than that, her idea of affection is to be in the same room as you.

  8. And some people say cats aren't as good companions as dogs, Rosaria! When we had cats they would follow me round the house too, always making their needs and wishes very clearly known.

  9. When they love you, it's a deep and forever thing. Or when they see you as their chief servant.

  10. Condolences on having a cat. Dogs are much better behaved.

    And cats are killers. Even the domestic ones kill something around 250 times a year. Often songbirds. So, yes, your cat may be stalking YOU!

    Blessings and Bear hugs.