Thursday, February 7, 2013

Retracing our steps.

Memory is a faded photograph, people, places, events
sometimes crisp and bright. sometimes grey turned black
waiting for interpretations by the next generation.

What happened to that tree in that corner you ask.
It fell in the storm of 08, or maybe 09. I know it was there during that Memorial Day BBQ
when this picture was taken. You were busy with the BBQ and I took this view right from the living room door.

 Monterey cypress graced two thirds of our view when we first arrived; before the big storm knocked one down. It hit the chain link fence and we had to replace that.

Was that the time  when the water line broke and you had to dig and try to find the break to get repairs done... The year you went to France!

No. It was after Dad had cataract surgery; or was it the carotid surgery? You know that I'm learning anatomy the way I learned auto mechanics, after something breaks down and...

I could swear these trees were there every time I visited!


  1. smiles..learning anatomy as something breaks is a bit of sad humor that...interesting how all these memories intersect, the macro and micro....

  2. It is always startling when the chronology of our lives becomes jumbled and we swear we remember things not at all as they were!

  3. just this morning i was (surprised) mining through even my recent past. jesus. a life holds so much. it is impossible to see it all clearly. indeed, retrospectively is the only way to hold isolated and disparate the story of a single tree...but even this one story is so much.

    i love what you are doing, rosaria, where you are going, what you are asking of yourself.