Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The permeable universe.

I'm getting to know you through the pictures
you take and those you share
and mystery
and words re-paint and re-tell your story
day after day.

Our craws' scratchy calls
our narratives
may not be recognized as our lives and
daily chores
but more as calls to prayer
to action
to a common vision
of life
across many fences.

I went to see what Erin
and Carmen posted on Blogger
before i wrote this post;
walked the neighborhood of Facebook
eager to learn how my friend is recuperating.

This permeable universe
equalizes our concentration,
hopes and dreams
and needs
spill easily into each other's white space.


  1. Thanks to Erin for her poetry and pictures, and for the phrase, in search of white space, the title of her blog.
    And my thanks to Carmen, Carmen's Chronicles, for her buoyant attitude toward life.
    Both of these ladies launched this post for me today.

  2. nice that you found inspiration among friends...the interesting thing in the digital age is the ability to touch each others lives and have never met...and do it in a matter of minutes....

  3. You are so very right...this world is connected and permeable. Beautiful.


  4. rosaria)))) we are all one in the end, aren't we, the many, each so similar when we dare go to our vulnerable place?

    if what we do is prayer (and this is how i long to live, often failing and then longing again) then i think we aren't doing too badly.

    as always, my thanks to you)))


  5. As always, interesting thoughts to mull over.

  6. Wonderful, beautiful, Rosaria. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts!