Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who's afraid of dying?

Between this conscious moment and all  the others there are
huge gaps, far off galaxies whose
details, like the smell of morning coffee
disappear in the ether of the unknown
a mythology so big and complicated
it has become a major industry
like gambling and insurance.

Like water flowing
through a calm river, we live each day
going through our rituals
rowing our canoe in and out of bays and inlets
currents and disturbances.
At the end of the day,  we moor on dry land, in a warm, well-
lit place to enjoy food and company, while the
river itself laps at the front stoop
day in and day out
until one night it pushes through
with force and destruction.

Who has not built a fortress against
such watery graves? The mind wants
to believe in paradise, a villa behind palm trees
where a calm ocean breeze promises only peace at the end
of the day.
Yes, the preacher immunizes with comforting phrases
as if nothing in this world is better than
the warm well-lit place of paradise awaiting for us
where we'll be forever young, forever loved
forever healthy and ambulatory.
Don't worry about death, he says,
it will be better than your present life.

Yes. And Yes. Where do we sign up for free land in the Everglades?


  1. smiles...that day will come...and i hope on the other side it is as peaceful as the promises...i think it important we dont forget about the present though...and what we can make of it in the now...

  2. yes, since we don't know when the day will come, we need to focus on the present.

  3. I want to make the best use of the days on this side.

  4. I don't fear death. I'm pretty sure it's just the opposite of birth or maybe the same thing. doesn't mean I'm ready to go though. I'll wait on this side enjoying this place for as long as I can.

  5. My sister used to say our mom was so focused on heaven she had no earthly value. Of course she was exaggerating; our mom was amazing. But she was fixed this way on the great beyond, and the world was too painful. Now that same sister longs to be out of the conflict of life and would be glad to die.

    I think we can make heaven or hell in the way we live, right here. As for dying, I am not afraid, but like Ellen, I'm not ready to go either.