Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toward the blackberry.

After I lose my sight
will I still walk among grasses
and lonely clouds? Will I
be able to know each season
as juicy berries and
swollen waterways
and starlings swash above me like lost clouds?

When will I say, it's too hard to live in this universe? Will I walk toward the blackberry even as I get lost in its brambles? 


  1. its interesting...i knew a blind guy that could tune pianos like no one else....when i lose my sight i think i will still want to taste the world with everything else i have...

  2. .. I believe so many have already lost (their) sight ... yes, Rosaria .. you would still walk among grasses and lonely clouds.

  3. this connectedness - how might any one of us survive without it? it is essential and is perhaps why we are in such a state currently - there is too much distance between us and the natural world.

    james and I talk about the what if's and the ultimate when's. if I can't manage it to the trees on my own he must bring me to them, or for me, why continue? such love affairs, as yours with the berries:) can not be undone.


  4. So beautiful, Rosaria. Letting our other senses connect more powerfully. I am very visual, and this resonates with me.

    Brian reminded me that we also had a blind piano tuner when I was little! What a terrific feeling I had when he came, and I watched.

  5. Your poem is such a lyrical and at the same time strong reflection on the passing of time. I loved it.

    Greetings from London.

  6. So beautiful and sad, Rosaria! I think that we are more aware of the senses as some fade and others compensate. Isn't it interesting what fuels our fears and fantasies at this stage of life? We're so aware of limitations ahead.

  7. May you always walk toward the blackberry and remind us of its importance.

  8. Will I walk toward the blackberry even as I get lost in its brambles?
    This is almost painfully beautiful, Rosaria. And in a way, isn't this what we are doing, even now?

  9. Life so often is the brambles among the blackberries. But those berries are so sweet.