Sunday, November 3, 2013

Autumn rushes.

I go down to the garden between bouts of rain with tools and plans
all assembled in the wagon, ready for
this and that
but just pushing
that wagon is enough to
tire arms and legs and disposition.

I'm not going to get much done today.

The flight of birds and kites over the lake put me in a trance
about youth and ambition and plans for a lifetime
places to get to, things to build
refurbish that bathroom, submit that play.

Nobody else expects me to finish anything.

So long ambition, I cry out to the wind that masks all human voices these days.
So long plans for a new shed, as the space that shed would require
contains buried asparagus roots, waiting for long seasons
of wind and water to coax its tender tendrils.

How can anyone expect to finish anything with this kind of weather?

But the planting, the weeding, the piling of leaves need to happen
before the rains, the winds.
I must tie the roses and the young trees so the winds
don't tear them out of the soil, destroy their ambition
to live another season waiting for the sun.

A sudden squall sends me back indoors before tools are gathered and put away.


  1. I will miss my garden all through the wet season, from November to May. Oh yes, I could putter around some days. If I do that, putter that is, I will not get anything else done.

  2. You speak for me! The trance of wonder supersedes indeed. I Finnish a few daily. My offering to you friends. Who get it. Share in it. Thanks.


  3. so much to be done but...we have to pick and choose what is important...and what we can as well..get done what we will...
    its not an easy acceptance of that at times...

  4. Ah, for the energy of youth!

    But not for its lack of wisdom.

  5. Same here. It's coming down hard and last weekend we had that St Jude storm, too. Lovely post. To me autumn is a time for contemplation, that's why it's my favourite season.

    Greetings from London.

  6. I love how you abruptly end this, Rosaria, as your plans were ended by the weather.

    what is it all for? we must always answer, for now, now, now, now...

    today twice I thought, we have this, meaning we have this moment. might I be able to raise my eyes and realize this often and oftener:)