Tuesday, February 15, 2011

observing words being traded

"Word of the Day: Abundance."

What if we could only use that word today.
And if we didn't use it, we could bank it for future use.
What if we chose another word meaning the same or opposite?
What if words had a value, like atomic weight. Love: 2;  Hate=1
What if they had taste?
What if words WERE TRADED, up one day, down the next.
What if we got paid in words. Will poets be the richest or the poorest?


  1. what is not to love in this? honestly, i can't believe it hadn't been written by one of the best a hundred years ago! and now it has been, today.

    (LOVE the love:hate ratio!)


  2. yes -i agree with erin - what is not to love in this indeed?

    it reminds me of when i was a child my mother would ask me to tell her the 'color' of a number - she would say 8, for example, and i would say orange.

    so if numbers have color, then words must have atomic weight (love that!) and be bankable as well. but most of all i love what you say about taste, trading value and being paid in words. do we not pay another with compliments? and our children, praise? the value of that, i think, i priceless...

    this is a wonderful place you have, rosaria. you make me shift perspective a quarter turn and that's a good thing.


  3. Erin and Amanda: There ought to be special words for special people like you two.

  4. The power of words made clear, made real!

    Let's start with abundance. I started today hear about the earthquake in New Zealand...All day, I'll be thinking abundance.

    Wonderful post!