Saturday, February 26, 2011

A perfect pairing

At lunch the other day
at the beach
we sipped ambition martini slowly
and thought about ordering dinner
slumped in roomy leather chairs
that embraced our backs
exchanging figures
yearly goals,-we in power-suits that cost
the same as  mortgage
a few years earlier-
congratulating ourselves
with bonuses, plaques
trips to the Bahamas
the world, we toasted
is richer because of us.

Wet and cold, on that first beach outing
I  couldn’t hear your joy for the
screeching  seagulls and crashing
waves erasing our early footprints
we ran
after empty sandwich bags
and errant waves
doing fast retreats
enough joy in the day
to warm our toes
and feed our hungry eyes
for the rest of our lives.



  1. oh! such redemption in that second stanza! i love it, Rosaria. i'd love to be lost in the run like that. such beauty.


  2. Erin, you mentioned the change in tone. Yes! Some of these pieces were written the morning I posted; some, months or even years earlier.

    Ever since I retired, writing has become my refuge. First came memoir pieces that ended up into a longer narrative/blog. Now, in this blog, everything else that doesn't fit in my regular blog of current affairs, or my food blog.

    I'm separating the different interests that pull me this way and that.

    I'm serializing a new novel I just finished, Unnamed Madonnas. This is a moody, mysterious love story. I hope you get a chance to read along.

    Thanks for your generous reading.

  3. what an intriguing juxtaposition of imagery