Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who needs this?

I share a corridor, dark and scary.
You point out words like dark and scary are common.
I scream that my state is not pleasant to verbalize.
You tell me to write about life lived happily ever after.
I rip open my wounds that can't  stay hidden.
You turn away, bored or disgusted, don't care to elaborate.
I'm reduced to taking  this journey alone, I beg.
You say, nobody reads this stuff.
I know hell is everyone's deep hole.
You quit talking to me.


  1. oh, rosaria, do we lie in bed together?

    draw up the blankets. keep me warm.

    (thank you for being brave.)


  2. Ouch! I just ran naked down the hall, and the act alone scared me!
    I'm trying to be brave!

  3. hm,the reaction of the person in the scene with 'you' sounds familiar. . . :( sometimes it's good to have criticism, but when it's sould crushing, or hurts something beautiful inside you - then it's time to part ways.