Thursday, March 31, 2011

How do we know?

We read others to see through their eyes.
We love people and try to see what they see.
We end up with filters, ours, theirs.
Filters full of funny fuzzy lint.
The lint makes pictures,  lines, shadows and light.
Our mind wants to make sense of that bubble, connect it to other bubbles. 
Our mind says every thing has to make sense somewhere,somehow, some.
We read what we write.
We examine the structure, the movement, the bubble it formed.
We filter  that bubble.
And for a while it makes sense.
It lets us sleep, forget, go somewhere else.
Then, doubts about the bubble.
Fuzzy pictures become even fuzzier.
We know nothing, we scream out.
We know shit-quoting my favorite young Canadian.
We know only hunger and pain intimately and well.
We know what's right in our sight of vision.
Everything else, a construct.
Everything else, an exercise.
Nah, I'm here, here, and I've a toothache.
A toothache doesn't lie.
A toothache trumps everything.
A toothache hides other pains.


  1. How do you know? What keeps you grounded?
    At the end of the day, what makes you sure of who you are, what you stand for?

  2. You know when your faced with decisions - thats when you know who you are, by the choices you make.

    This made me think of this feeling site:

    Someone linked to my blog through it, accept Sungard to run on your pc and click one of the dots flying around.

  3. Some thought provoking words. But you're right; a toothache trumps everything!

  4. at the end of the day i'm not sure and so i keep on asking. i think i have answers and then i am absolutely undone in an unsuspecting moment. and so i ask again. i ask and i ask. shout hollow through the night. when i'm lucky it hits some trees, comes back. but still, i'm not sure.

    only echoes. we are only echoes. what more do we have to go on?

    i just read a man in France who says our faces are not for ourselves to know us by. i never for a moment considered this. not once. and so how can i know myself. perhaps what you know of me is truer than what i know.

    i posted on the photo blog something like i know x of me and you know y. i must be somewhere at the intersection of these points.

    perhaps the trees know who we are.

    wonderful post, rosaria. i am so glad to know that we are alive. (we are alive, right?)


  5. Is it the uncertainty that keeps us going? (or is that a form of certainty>). I don't know. I will never know.

    But a toothache's a pretty strong reminder that there's something going on. Ouch!

    Wonderful post, rosaria. Need to change the filters now...

  6. The elemental things are what connect us. We all have in common our bodies grounded to the earth. We all want love, food and comfort (we all feel pain).

    As for who one is or what one stands for - I think those things begin at a higher level of consciousness. Feeling all the nuances of my body (hungry, tired,etc) keeps me grounded, and helps me be empathetic towards others.