Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stats and other tools.

Whenever things get ugly, when people complain and want to get rid of something, a program, an expense, they will quote statistics for that topic, data that they or someone has collectd.  Numbers are black and white and have nothing to hide, no emotional connections whatsoever.

We go to numbers to control our reality, to support our deep-seated beliefs.
We go to numbers to represent our irrational fears.
Numbers don't lie.

And so, I'm doing the same thing today.  I go to the stats of this blog. And here is what I learn. No, I already know this stuff. Here is what I have to confront:

Without Readers, can a Writer survive?

Granted, I tell myself, granted that readers are always fluid, coming and going, fickle creatures interested in their own lives, and don't have much time to stop and say hello even.


I'm already writing in solitude; what difference does this make?
I'm writing because I want to.
I'm writing because I need to.

How long can we ignore statistics?
How long can we work in darkness?

How about you? Do you worry about these things? Do you need readers to keep on writing?


  1. No, I'm not closing any blog. I'm just in a funk, a miserable feeling of helplessness. You get these now and then and then...

  2. I will have been blogging two years June 1. I have over 500 followers, but that means very little, as my blog only averages 150 to 200 visits per day, and only about 20 to 30 comment. But I would still blog if I had no followers. I just like to know that my thoughts are being recorded, and I can look at them, go back and see something I wrote two years ago, etc.

    Probably the reason I have followers is because I follow about 150 blogs and read every time any of the writers post. I try to comment each time, as well. I participate in blog hops, because I love finding new blogs to read, and again, I try to leave comments. Most times when you leave a comment, that person will pay a visit to your blog. If they like it, they'll come back.
    You are an outstanding writer, Rosaria. Don't beat yourself up if you don't think you have enought followers or commenters. If it matters to you, join some blog hops and check out other blogs and leave comments. You'll get more visitors, I'm sure.

  3. While I think Eva makes a great point, I also think there is a difference between writing and blogging. You are a beautiful writer, Rosaria, and the quality and wonderfulness of your work can't be measured in pageviews or comments.

    Blogging is something different - and to achieve the kind of following you might desire requires the effort the Eva describes. You may get more comment,s but it's important to remember that the amount of comments will be the result of both efforts - blogging and writing - and not just a reflection of the beauty of your writing.

    Which is beautiful. And will be beautiful even if there are not as many comments or page views that you want.

  4. Marion, you've made my day. Thank you.

  5. a miserable feeling of helplessness. i know it, rosaria.

    i write because i damn well need to. i write because this is who i am. i know this of you too. numbers don't mean a shadow to this.

    however, we are human. we need tender hands to our backs. or we falter. it's as easy as that. and so one or two who read me and understand something of what i say, who, here it is, feel me, that means more than a hundred voices i don't understand. you have been one like this for me. i'm forever grateful. and i apologize, for your longer pieces have scared me off just a bit in the brief moments i spend reading. i've said this time and time again, i am a lazy reader. i've read maybe two books in the last year. oh. that is very bad. and it is yet with great effort. and so be patient with me, rosaria, for i do genuinely value what you write.

    much love