Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Do You Want?

Given my nature
I’ll follow you to
the end of the
for food 
a scratch
a warm bed,
any day.

What you want
is not in my nature.
I'll give no more, nor less
Than what I can give
On any given day
Given the nature
of my hunger
At the moment.

We're all  just here
at this here mess
we didn't make
and would rather
and soon
leave behind.

We're all scavengers
and we'll be gone
to roam the prairies
and the coastlines
in search of food

© rosaria


  1. "I'll give no more, no no less than I can give on any given day" I like that. Sounds like me!

  2. Wonderful poem! I am feeling the cat-like independence, too!

    Still,this part:

    I'll give no more, nor less
    Than what I can give
    On any given day

    feels like the best any of us can do!

  3. I'd bet anything your cat wrote this (do you have a cat?). Otherwise, one of mine did, somehow masquerading as you...So pragmatic, it is almost sad...

  4. In search of food

    All of us.

  5. Yes, I had a cat in mind when I wrote this, after speaking with neighbors who have cats and left them behind to fend for themselves the day we all took off and went to higher ground.

    I thought of how it was after my family experienced a big earthquake in Southern Cal. in 1994 that jolted us out of our house, scrambling to shut off the gas, without power, without running water, cold and injured. Our cat was gone for days; our dog huddled by our front door the whole time though she had plenty of opportunities to run away if she wanted to.

    My thoughts were fixed on that aspect of our animal nature, the bare facts of survival at the elemental level. Yes, pragmatism.

    All our knowledge and technical prowess cannot take us out of that basic state.

  6. we live in a luxury now when we aren't scrounging for our lives. if not for the luxury we would all be a lot more pragmatic and self driven. a society of cats. (and of course, in many ways we already are.)

    we're all scavengers. a sobering line, rosaria. this piece holds a great deal of truth.