Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving around rocks.

You must
Slowly: tides and eddies
Your punctuation marks.

You think you know how to move around these rocks because you have done it before?
You were young then, and had no history of falls.
Remember how just last winter the sand shifts changed the landscape?
Those movements did not register on the Richter scale.

If you make yourself small, you too can crawl under the tide and
Bury yourself alive until the storm has passed.


  1. ... no burying yourself alive allowed, Rosaria. Though the storm may never completely pass, it will not destroy you.

  2. Nice blog :)

  3. This is so moving Rosaria, and absolutely beautiful!
    Sometimes it is necessary to protect ourselves and hide away from the storm, giving ourselves time to heal.
    Perhaps the rocks are more precarious the older we become. Ah well...

  4. You do whatever you need to do to survive the storm. And you have all you need to do that. But, you're right, there is a death involved… and then rebirth.

  5. The rocks remain because they are rocks. The shifting sand changes during the storm. Cling to the rock during the storm. When it passes, and it will, you will know those shifting sands will yet change again, but you will be able to continue walking on them.

  6. Don't let the storm do you in; you are stronger than the storm.

  7. hug for you Rosaria....but you cling to that Rock....let the sand swirl
    let the waves dash
    hold on
    like Helen says

  8. Beautiful, rosaria, but please don't bury yourself --hang onto that rock as the others say.

  9. I came back to copy your poem, hoping that is okay. Just going to keep it for myself.

  10. Admitting our smallness, our desire to be buried under the weight of a storm helps us breathe when we barely have the strength to do so. Write the truth. Keep letting it out of you. It's too much to carry. Grief is too heavy to bear alone.

  11. Towanda, I'm flattered.
    Everyone, thanks.

  12. A beautiful piece! I like the way it goes in an unexpected direction.