Monday, September 19, 2011


A morning walk on the beach. Water, rocks, pine trees. The waves and their sound lull me into peaceful strides, close enough to the water to feel the chill and the swoosh without changing my pace.

The rocks allow me to stop for a moment and breathe deeply.
A small summer creek winds around them before spilling into the ocean.
I can step here, and there, and my shoes will stay dry, I think.
Or, I can take my shoes off right here, and go barefoot.

I do. The sand is warmer than I anticipate. My toes are buried now and then. In some places, the wet slime brings another smile on my face,as I  remember a mud bath somewhere in a hot tub. Where was it, I ask my companion, when we decided to have mud baths?
He says, we never did!

I smile again. It must have been before the two of us, other times, other lives.
Before the walk is over, I'm all tired, all wet, my heels and soles have been treated to a great scuffing procedure, and I'm back in the wheel of life, hungry, wandering how far the restaurant is.


  1. There is nothing like a walk at the ocean to connect with what is real.

  2. Everything you write is bringing tears to my eyes these days .........

  3. not too many things more soothing than a walk on the beach.

  4. a wonderful way to become recentered, rosaria.


  5. I've just been to the sea and back - I'd love to live as close to it as you do.

  6. I wish I could walk that beach with you!

  7. Lovely walk and a lovely description of it. Barefoot is good...

  8. I wish I had an ocean beside which I could walk. Would love to have been with you.
    The river just doesn't quite match the majesty of a sea.

  9. I thank my lucky stars every day! Thanks for your visit.

  10. My daughter, who lives in the rain forest of Trinidad says that toes LOVE squishy mud. Connects us to our mother an an elemental way.