Monday, September 5, 2011

The Weight We Carry


You carried a weight
For many years. 
I thought,
put that weight down, put the bucket down,
you do not need to make a big fuss about such a little thing.

I remained silent, angry at
your blindness.

I carried a weight too-one you didn't see-
salty sadness of loss,
a world we stopped sharing.

I don’t know about your weight,
but I lost my roots, my branches
and my life force while you carried on
about your little bucket.

Your weight just slows you down.

Mine is about to kill me.



  1. All I can say is hugs! Hope the pain lessens eventually.

  2. Soon you will be able to put it down, and it will always be there to pick back up again. Such is life. We hurt, let go, and hurt some more when tragedy occurs in our lives. It is such a long arduous process sometimes, but eventually it does become somewhat better. First it has to take a little piece of you, but then we learn how to put it back. Until then my friend, find peace when you can and have faith in yourself.

  3. I have commented and erased 6 times
    ...just know that I am praying for you
    and maybe email me...

  4. Dear One, You've lost so much. You have so much. You have enough. You are not alone.

  5. I know. I know that feeling. The fear that I can't bear this another minute... and will... or won't. ohhhhh I want to send you hugs. If I could mail them I would. Consider yourself blog hugged.

  6. It takes time, Rosaria, as you're learning and I know, for the grief to ease. Bless you and your dear family!

    You asked me about my WP blog. Yes, I love the layout, so professional looking, I think. And WP has great features, and so far no glitches! Yesterday, I was here on Blogger, crafting a comment to you, and my computer went ZAP. Out. I thought it was an electrical failure in the duplex but no, just my computer. Was it Blogger?! Could have just been a coincidence, but.... I keep Blogger for the blog roll, but all I have to do is go through my Blogger friends and make sure I have a list of those I don't want to lose. The main thing to keeping up connections is going in and commenting on others blogs. This is what takes a lot of time, but you CAN get faster at it. I know there are some friends, like you, that I'll always keep in touch with. Might only be once a week, but hey, we're all in the same boat. So we do what we can with the time and energy we have. And as you know, as we get older, the energy levels drop. I'm doing all I can to try to keep mine up!

    Anyway, I'm here. You can always email me should you wish to. I always answer emails, maybe not right away, but I do answer them!

    You live in such a beautiful place. Continue to meditate as you gaze out at the beauties of nature where you live. This, I think, can be a very healing thing.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  7. You have captured grief and anger, intertwined. And the pain. Wonderful poem. And it cannot help but resonate with all who have felt this pain you feel. Wonderful ... and, I have not been reading in here much of late, so I will have to catch up, but may the beauty and friends around you continue to help you. WE are the beneficiaries of how it pours out of you in your writing. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for the visit, for your words.
    I'm comforted by what you said, how you reached out to me in your own ways.
    I'm healing.
    Everyday, I feel stronger.
    Everyday, I plan on feeling stronger.