Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On this shore.

Hubby and I thank each other everyday:
For choosing to move to the tiny, artistic town of Port Orford.
For living on the coast.
For the wind, the fog, the waves.
For the abundance of healthy foods.
For daily walks.
For three marvelous children.

We navigated many seas in our 45 years together, asserting ourselves and fighting for everything.
Now that we are at the end of the voyage, we review our life together, each adding a detail here, a new perspective there.

What a rich life we shared!


  1. I would say you may be at the end of one voyage but a new one is only beginning.

  2. May the richness continue for many more years!

  3. Bless you both for counting your blessings and for sharing them with all of us...

  4. Two wonderful things: 1) You say nice things about each other out loud.
    2) You thank each other every day. For 45 years.

  5. Beautiful! 45 years is a magnificent accomplishment and not something many of us can reach. And...Appreciation is a wonderful gift to give each other. I love the photo!

  6. 45 years together, 45 years of going through the good times and the hard times with a dear companion is a blessing that few of us have in our lives. I too am grateful you have made all of those decisions that brought you to this place where you now spend the last third of your lives.

  7. Very beautiful thoughts about your life. Nice photo too!

  8. we should all give thanks like this, rosaria. i am so glad you have such a bounty to be grateful for. i dare say you have worked hard for it.


  9. And you are still sharing. Such beautiful thoughts, such a beautiful way of seeing your 45 years together. May you have many more.

  10. Very nice. My wife Jilda and I had out 37th anniversary in May. For the most part, life has been kind to us.