Sunday, October 30, 2011


we are all moving on slippery roads, in steel tombs, zipping through
forests and bogs alive with occasional rain
along a highway long on misfits and foragers
paved with lighted promises.

we are just on one quest away
to a better place
a safe place
before the next storm traps us
in its violence.

pulsating through our next drive-through
we read the board from A-Z,  looking for our dream-
a Happy Meal box with the toy replica of our last meal-
looking to be close enough
and warm enough
and full enough
till the next exit light.


  1. "We are just one quest away to a better place, a safe place." From your lips to God's ears.

  2. "paved with lighted promises" -- I love it! This poem speaks to me. Thank you.

  3. I hesitate to comment on poetry as I can usually only come up with one-word banalities. Poetry seems complete in itself, like music, and doesn't need me trying to describe the effect it has. So I read, and I appreciate and I leave. But I did want to say that I thought this - particularly the imagery and symbolism of the first four lines, was really good.

  4. It is amazing how fragile we are, and how we survive each new day, isn't it? And we get up every morning. What drives us on? Many thoughts arrive from your tight and evocative poem.

  5. a powerful piece to read, especially at this time of year. i echo ruths' words - amazing how fragile we are, how we get up each day.

    what drives us....yes. one quest away to a better place.

  6. There is much in this poem. I barely can respond to all I hear you say.
    "to a better place
    a safe place
    before the next storm traps us
    in its violence."

    It is a journey. It is one of hope. Hope keeps us on the quest.

  7. Souls fed only fast food fare ... one size fits all, but not well. Yeah, maybe the Internet can deepen the river, and we can fail a little farther down, maybe we'll find something.