Friday, October 7, 2011


Through pounding and constant spray
Smoothed, rounded, emptied, creviced
These shore-outcrops stand still- unmarked tombs.

Are they like the Isle of Capri-
sparkling underground grottos
crystalline stalagmites and stalactites
water-light dancers
incantations of wishful dreams?

Do we end up glowing in the dark
when our bodies are pounded and
emptied of the previous universe?

Do we stand 'isole sole'
for millenia before
sunlight floods our veins?

Vacant of core,
Will life flow through our crevices?
Or, will we become  dreams others
dream, or agitations on  stormy nights?


  1. Rosaria, this is beautiful .. deep and full of so much meaning. I hope your weekend is peaceful.

  2. I wish you didn't have to be thinking in terms like this, Rosaria, although perhaps you would be anyway. This is a beautiful thing you've written - I am especially struck by 'will we become dreams others dream?'. You are thought of...

  3. Unmarked tombs and agitations on stormy nights. These images really tug at the heart. Like Deborah, I wish you didn't have to be thinking like this, but you've certainly found words that resonate.

  4. Yes, like the Isle of Capri, underground with sparkling grottos, crystalline, glowing in the dark. That's you now. We see it and stand dazzled.

  5. So beautiful, Rosaria. Thank you.

  6. Lovely, lovely question-visions, Rosaria.

  7. As sad as this time is, the line "sunlight flood our veins" is so full of life, so inspiring.

  8. Beautifully and sadly written. "Dreams of others" is a lovely way of being remembered. My heart goes out to you.