Thursday, December 22, 2011

The promises we make.

You hunker down in the dark, in your favorite
cradle, for the long night,
forgoing your desk,  the cushioned chair and
the outside world at your fingertips.

The wind and rain threaten to bury you,
reduce everything to dust:
Your house, your car, all possessions.

You try to remember the last storm,
what you did
or didn't do
to prepare for it,
to prepare of all the storms
in your days.

Each bump, each object that batters your roof becomes a promise you make: this will not happen to you again.


  1. Wow, this put me in a really strange place in my mind.

  2. Sub-Radar-Mike, I'm trying to sum up the year, here. Happy Holidays, and thanks for the visit.

  3. Some storms we can prepare for but others we can't and we only weather them the best we can.

    Happy Holidays Rosaria!

  4. It's those storms that catch you unawares that are the worst!

  5. I try to prepare for storms...I think of everything that might happen or what I might need. I stock food, I have all important papers in a safe place. I research options. But sometimes the storms come without warning and I am lost. All I can do is duck, cover and hold! That is where I am today...holding on for dear life!

  6. i know those promises! all the deals we make. and even those are dust.

    hold fast to this moment, rosaria. i see you with your family, some light laughter, children about. hold fast to this moment and be well, be loved, and love.

    merry christmas.


  7. Hunker down and hold on seems to be the best advice, and yet sometimes I wish I could stand defiantly against such storms and demand that they stop assailing me.

  8. You are strong, you are enough. Be well, and Happy Christmas to you, and a year of discovery ahead.