Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wild things.

This is what I see when I sit on my deck facing this garden by the lake. It was already fenced when we bought it, and it has remained fenced as I fight my way into colonizing it.
I see wild things  creeping in on all sides. Whatever stands in place, does so because I interfered, not just once. My interference changed the lawn into a couple of vegetable gardens. The paths through and around are liberally ignored by me, but mowed by my Hubby who likes riding his top-gun riding mower once or twice a season.

I have asked him not to. He has his reasons.

Here are mine:

Bees like wild places.
Dead branches allow birds and other critters to hide and nest.
Finding wild arugula  and fennel growing here and there lets me prepare many surprising meals.

I once knew about foraging when Dad brought home mushrooms and asparagus and wild lettuces in the middle of winter when the cupboards were bare and there was no cash or credit to take us to the store.
Here, I'm reminded of all I've been when  I pull a weed, put a seed in the soil, collect something I did not expect.


  1. oh, rosaria, this sentence is beautiful: Here, I'm reminded of all I've been when I pull a weed, put a seed in the soil, collect something I did not expect. what many varied lives we live! this, the one who knows the roots of plants, this is one of the most important. we should all return more to our soil. and in the end we do))))


  2. I like the picture of you colonizing your little piece of land next to the lake and making it productive. And leaving room for wild things as you should. I'll carry this picture of you and smile.

  3. How nice that would be to find wild arugula and fennel. This area is beautiful Rosaria. I would think it would be difficult to compromise with the taming of wildness and keeping some wildness to the property.

  4. Lovely view....I would enjoy sitting on your deck.

  5. Glad you find so much pleasure and surprises in the wild things! It is your piece of haven.

  6. Your reasons seem more than reasonable. I see a woman who likes wild things standing up to the man with the machine. Since you tend the pot that serves the food that comes from the land, I think your argument will win.

  7. What a lovely piece of paradise. I have decided the glory of life is to live fully in the present, breathe in and absorb... Loved this post!

  8. I like wild gardens, or at least those that are trimmed and clipped and for show only. And I'm curious to know where you lived that your father could find such things growing in winter?

  9. I mean to say 'at least *not those that are trimmed..etc' But I guess you realized my mistake.
    Thanks for your email. I like knowing that about you.

  10. Rosaria,
    love this view... its divine... my dream space really!
    gorgeous post...