Monday, January 9, 2012

A baker's dozen...

I wish that my eyes and my whole being would be focused on this view from the time I wake, till I fall asleep. Lately, though, I'm irritated at so many tiny things. Let me count the ways:

1. When I sign-up to follow someone new on Blogger, an old picture of me and an old email pop up and I can't change either.

2. Google sign-in protocol keeps changing, and I have to search high and low to find my OLD settings.

3. Facebook is threatening to change things up and wants my help.

4. A POUND of coffee is now sold in a 12 oz package and costs more.

5. My laptop is new and should behave accordingly; but it gets tired and shuts down when I least expect it.

6. My children only call me when it pleases them. I can never reach them directly anymore.

7. My husband remembers to tell me about messages whenever he remembers, not as soon as a message is delivered.
9. How is that there are more and more cleaning mops and none of them do it all?
10. My old pictures in my picture documents cannot be accessed any more, for some reason.
11. The new Windows 7 word processing program is driving me to drink.
12. How can it be that more and more space in supermarkets is dedicated to crappy food?
13. If you ask for lox at Safeway in Coos Bay (the best in these parts) nobody knows what you are talking about, yet fresh salmon is on the menu everywhere.


  1. I hear your pain. Hope 2012 gets better for you!

  2. I feel your pain on the cleaning mops. I have every 'swifter' product... but not one that does all.

  3. Oh yes, some days everything is annoying. Some days just the regulars. some days nothing!

  4. My worse one of all is how Walmart (our only grocery store that carries organic) keeps taking my favorite products, usually organic, off the shelves and replacing them with Great Value, their generic brand which is obviously not generic. And then they set the prices high on everything but Great Value.

  5. I hear you. I wish someone would invent the perfect mop. Life would be so much easier. For the rest, hang in there!

  6. i think you need to say screw the world:) and put your feet up and stare..........

    and breathe:)

    and a couple glasses of merlot wouldn't hurt.


  7. I also feel your pain particularly on several mentioned on your list.

    The children not calling is a big one. I guess they don't need anything at the moment, or they would be calling.

    Such is life...

  8. 5 and 7 would really bug me, well, in fact so would 2, 10 and 11. And I roll my eyes at number 12 all the time. But 6? That would be very difficult to accept.

  9. This started with the Safeway incident one morning. We drove the sixty miles to Safeway to pick up bagels and lox. Bagels were available. Lox? Not one person knew the word. We looked high and low and found smoked salmon in the deli case, which is not exactly lox, but it will have to do until I make my own.

    Thanks for the visit.
    Now, can anyone recommend an easy to push or roll vacuum cleaner that actually works?