Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When cats rule the house.

Newkie, the cat that belonged to my son Brian, and has been living with me for the last six months, is  currently cuddled on my lap and I'm forced to type with one hand. She can jump over the laptop and over my entire body whenever she wants to, but she crouches under my left elbow and begins to purr, and I can't possibly ask her to go somewhere else to lie down.

She waits for me at the door, and guides me to what needs to be done.

In the morning, she stands by my bed and whines until I get up, then, she waits for me until I finish in the  bathroom before guiding me to her food bowl and other needs.
She knows where her hair brush is kept. During a nap, she may wake up with a strong desire, jump down from her perch, and stretches until I start brushing her. If I ignore her, she pulls the brush out and gums it, then stretches and rolls and whines, all the while running into the brush and looking at me to get up and do my part.

Now, if only I could teach her to grab the brush and bring it to me in bed.



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  2. Lol... love it how Newkie has you wrapped around her little furry paws. :)

  3. Newkie.....you are wonderful
    Newkie sounds like she has become a very good friend
    and comfort to you, Rosaria

  4. I like that you give in to the cat. We already know how smart (and manipulative) cats are, but this says something about you.

  5. Yeah, I'm ready to be her hand-maiden, enjoying a connection with her past, my past, our past. I have a video of Brian petting her, a couple of seconds showing his hand stroking her head, and I think of him every time I touch her.

    Thanks, ladies, for your sweet comments.

  6. Oh, wonderful! Thank you for sharing this.