Friday, February 17, 2012

Bright faces.

This is a tenacious hellebore, too shy to ever show up in sunny California.
In this woodland spot, covered by fallen leaves and intimidating blackberry vines, the hellebore shines its bright smile on cool and cloudy days.

There is plenty of grass, moss, and other shoots for this deer family.
Here, they stop just enough to see what I'm about this morning.
I'm shooting a short video this morning. I want to remember why I fell in love with this place!
If you are interested in seeing/hearing that video, I just posted it on my other blog:


  1. with your hand closer to the earth, i understand, rosaria. i wonder how i will ever leave here. (we are moving whenever immigration approves the states...closer to my children's father, to where my love lives, indiana.) i must find the earth there, too, the dear small green plants.


  2. I will go on over to the other blog. How on earth do you maintain three blogs? I can't keep up with one! I can hardly wait to see your video.

  3. The video wouldn't work for my computer. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm on a network that gets rather contrary when it comes to videos. However, I can imagine the beauty of the coast of Oregon from the pictures I've seen on your blogs. It is an incredible area.

  4. I hope to see the video. It wasn't available today.

  5. I was also unable to view just a black box, it does not seem to have embedded correctly :(