Friday, February 24, 2012

Golfing as a barometer of the times.

If there is one sport that goes contrary to trends is golf. Oh, it probably doesn't! But, what do I know? I don't play golf. I just watch from a distance, admiring the stance, the duds, the concentration, and the price tag of such a sport.

Yet, I'm amazed at how well our local golf resorts have done during the past years, when the Union was in recession. Our local golf resorts have shown more profits, more golfers, more expansion than anticipated.

People with disposable income who play golf have not had to tighten their belts.

Have you noticed that a a golf course is always green even when there is a drought?
That there are no discounts on golf courses?
That golfers play as though they are praying?

Just an observation on the state of the union, here in the West, among the well-to-do.
I'm happy to report that we breathe the same air, and eat the same vegetables from Abby's Greens.


  1. Golfers are another breed! Here in Southport we have five golf courses! Accommodation for most pocketbooks!

  2. That's the funniest observation - golfers play as though they are praying. Seems to do the job... with a club in their hands. You can almost hear a voice from above, "Okay, okay, you get what you want, just put that damn thing down."

  3. I find it interesting that somehow my neighbors here in rent subsidized housing somehow have the money for golf. Come spring, they are out there every day.

  4. I don't play golf, either. As you know, what I do is watch every sweet move my grandson makes. And, you've reminded me -- a man trying to make conversation with my four-year-old asked, "What sport do you like?" Jesse didn't answer. "Do you like baseball, football?" Jesse thought a minute, and said, "I like golfball."

  5. This is quite true. I don't play golf, neither does my husband. I try to get him to take it up. He says it costs too much money, and he doesn't want to spend his money that way. I think it would be good male bonding time, but he just isn't interested. I know he is right about how expensive it all is.

  6. It's why there is opposition to increasing the tax burden on the top 1 %. It will limit their golf and how fair is that?