Saturday, March 31, 2012

More of this, less of that...

( Brian's backyard, in the process of becoming. These are all volunteers, including children, busy doing something,  trimming, roto-tilling, etc. For this entire story, search posts from last summer. Here, the picture is just illustrative.)

Every project involves a clearing or destruction of the present status. In our enthusiasm for the new vision we have on paper, we become masters of our universe for a few days, weeks. We arrange our vision on paper; plot the work stages; identify the materials needed; identify the interventions from the professional crew or inspectors; plot the timeline and the cost and go at it.  The project is doable and everyone is on board!

The amount of joy, adrenalin, enthusiasm, and overall good feelings getting a project done for a cause you believe in surmounts any amount of pain, any amount of guilt, any amount of cost beyond the budget  you had anticipated.

But, how often does this happen? How often, in our daily lives, in our work lives, in raising our children, communicating with our partners, do we have an overall vision of the End Results? 

How many times we say things we don't mean. Offend or Neglect people? Say we support this cause, believe in this principle and then go off and do something that negates that principle?

In the big scheme of things we are all clogs in a machine; we work where the bottom line is profits for the stock owners. If the company could replace our work with a machine that will cost them less in the long run, they will.

How often do we even get into conversations about these topics?
Most of the time, our conversations are polite nonsense, lukewarm coffee served with spiceless cookies picked up at the closest convenient store.
We have given up being fully engaged in anything.

Is this how we thought our lives were going to be?


  1. Your post is thought provoking ~~ makes me doubly glad I volunteer in memory care, sit on the board of a charitable foundation, keep abreast of current events .. and at 70 years I am able to manage it.

  2. At one time I thought I could do anything, I was bursting with enthusiasm -- a word that people would use to describe me. Now I am inclined to want to shut myself away and hide that part of my personality...enthusiasm leads to bruising, bruising leads to trying to hide from the world. I've almost stopped arguing my point of view, but am grateful for those times, infrequent as they are, when I am compelled to make my point of view known to those who I know disagree. Sometimes I think this is wisdom, other times I think it's cowardice -- my personality argues with itself a lot... Peace be with you, Rosaria, peace be with you...

  3. We are "clogs" only when we think. Which I am most glad you are reminding us to do. We can never see the End, though, and shouldn't (despite all cultural pressure to do so) focus on it. It is the process, the Journey, that matters. But oh, how difficult, to realize, to actually and fully practice!

    I am so glad that Brian's garden is becoming!

  4. I've learned not to have a vision of an "end result" I've learned to throw out an idea of what I want to happen but also be open to other I still keep the idea of the vision but the road to getting there might change or the vision might change a bit as well.... and also like "ds" said enjoy the journey cause after all what is really somewhat solid is "the now"...... and as far as being deep, I try not to go there because I'm always there so when I can be light is sometimes so refreshing... :)

  5. This speaks to me. How often are we fully engaged? That is a good question. I love the vision that you all had for Brian's garden. I love that many have come together to make it happen. That speaks volumes.