Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A stop for women's rights.

I feel sick to my stomach.
It can't be just me here,
fuming at the radio host,
you know the one
talking about me
the one who doesn't even know me,
and in That Tone!

Doesn't he have a mother or wife,
women in his life to teach him
to hold his thoughts until they make sense?
Even just for a moment?
To review the facts of life,
the rudiments of chemistry
Even just
even for a minute?

What was he thinking?

What makes me want to vomit,
wait, I have to stop the car
and do this properly,
shout it out to the rest of
the frightened motorists
as I propel the vomit
of my words
on the side of the road.

"You know shit!!!!!!!"

I feel better already.

This bile of mine has not known
such circumstances before.
Even in the middle ages!

I stopped, got out of traffic, put the window down, threw up on the side of the road where my mess could be expelled and not bother anybody. After all, I'm lady!

There now, couldn't he have been a gentleman?


  1. For our international friends: this is in response to what Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio host said about a student who testified for a senate committee about the importance of covering birth control in our health care system. Rush called her a whole list of filthy names. He apologized later.

  2. You know, I tell my English students from time to time about these crazy people who live in the US, and they simply don't believe me.
    Is he still in the presidential campaign?

  3. That's what I wonder oftentimes: Don't the lunatic fanatics of this world have mothers who hugged, kissed and loved them when they were little and who taught them kindness and right from wrong? How did they turn out being so filled with hatred and ignorance towards women? I can't get it.

    Regarding Rush Limbaugh, one minute of his tirades is enough to make me feel nauseated. Who can listen to that guy?! And take him seriously?!

  4. ohhhhh, i have to say, what a mess of sentiments, what zealots, what anachronisms...to be perfectly plain, i mean republicans in general. this from a bleepity bleep liberal minded canadian.


  5. If you see the video of him saying the nasty words he said, he seems to be enjoying himself immensely. What bothers me most, actually, is not Rush himself and not even the awful things he says. What bothers me is that millions of people listen to him. That's the unbelievable, scary part.

  6. He don't know shit! He did not apologies. He was sorry he lost some advertisers and thats all. He never once said...I was wrong. He created a lie about what she said and then became outraged about that lie and so began his nasty little tirade. He is a woman hater with a long history of hating women who needs Viagra to have sex, a hate monger hypocrit. Vile vile man.

    The word I above is apologize but this stupid iPad won't let me correct it.

    And now it inserted the word 'I' in the sentence above and won't let me delete it.

  7. A "gentleman"?! He doesn't know the meaning of the word (too many syllables, I suspect). I vomit with you.

  8. Well said, Rosaria. The man is a diabolical maniac. He spews so much hatred and bile and one day he will be devoured by it.

  9. And his apology . . . was it? As the president said, "I can't know his heart." But really? He's sorry? What bothers me most is that he has an audience (though I hope not for much longer). And that is what I think feeds his lust for such idiocy. Sometimes I wonder how much is really in his heart, and what simply feeds on this common and willful ignorance in others.

  10. Well said, Rosaria. I followed this on the BBC website, and could hardly believe what I was reading. I'm with dianafaith on this. What appalls me most is that this man is successful and has millions listening to him regularly. I feel sick too and I'm British.

  11. It's news even in Italy. What would fill his heart with such hatred of women? Why do others listen to his hate filled tirades? And how did the conversation change from banning abortion to banning birth control? In 2012? I hope this wakes women up. All women. And unites us. Finally.