Saturday, May 12, 2012

His and hers.

ON our trip to San Francisco a week ago we explored the neighborhood around Fisherman Warf, right out of our hotel.
Top photo: Hubby watching boats, people...
Bottom photo: woman( my stand-in), watching the sea. Imagine that woman would have been me if I were not taking the photos.)

We are two coins, two goals, both needing what the other has. Each nourished by what the other craves:

He's enchanted by stores: Buys art, gadgets, machines.
I detect manipulation in stores, and walk in with a list, looking for my necessities.
He has machines and tools he will never use.
I stock up on consumables.

I sit in silence after all the activity of the day, contemplating.
He starts conversations with anyone, for hours, for no reason.
He moves without a destination, without a jacket, without a snack, anticipating new corners.
I need a reason to move, pack extra layers and nuts and fruit, armed with a map.
He's nurtured with all things that  radiate human accomplishment.
I'm nurtured with  things that are simply there, in the wind, in the forest.
He'll eat at a new restaurant, savoring a new menu in advance.
I prefer old haunts, reliable places where the food is predictable.

Our children? They have inherited both sets of traits!


  1. ha ha this was funny..saw my husband and myself!
    but it works Rosaria.....blessing

  2. Mr. Eva and I have very different attitudes and habits, but hey, whatever works!

  3. It obviously works for you. . .and for us too!

  4. You sound a lot like me! I always have a similar snack tucked away in my purse (for those just in case occasions, of course:). Looks like you had a lovely day. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved this. I am like you in many ways. My husband, more like your husband. We are such opposites. It works for us.

  6. I'd like to make lists like this. We've taken the Myers-Briggs personality profile for work, and we are opposite on all four areas. We first took it after being married a few years, and it was an eye opener, and a relief. "No wonder!" we said. They say opposites in all four areas shouldn't marry. We've been blissfully married 34 years. Not that we don't argue ...