Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Once she skipped.

Someone showed her drawings found in her mother's house.

Always a house
and a chimney
and a big tree on the west side
a tall one, in full bloom
with an expansive orchard on the south side
fruiting in season
grass lounging in green
birds flipping shadows in the breeze.
A little girl skipping out the front door,
coloring the sidewalk with her shadow
pigtails and  skirts
billowing in tune with her singing.

She skipped, Skip to My Lou! She lived a fairy tale life after all.


  1. This left me with such a sense of joy!

  2. I knew that little girl once. I think she and I are the same person. Love this.

  3. Memories of a happy childhood. Skip to my Lou, my darlin'.

  4. birds flipping shadows in the breeze.

    yes, i know this. i will look for this more often, now, with your gorgeous description conjuring up an unforgettable image.

  5. I think we all lived that fairy tale life. I know I still do.