Monday, May 28, 2012

A personal perspective.

These lavender wands are only five-seven inches tall, but in front of a fallen bench they appear bigger, more important. The rose branch? Smaller. I know these truths but I let the picture stand.
I smile at the disjointed lies formed in this frame.

A curator would call this "An assertion of strength by the weakest of elements".

A visual artist would re-position one or two elements to balance, to focus, to create a mood.
Words miss creating a meaning too.

The truth? I crouched to take the picture, and the focus changed. What did I want to capture? Not the rose branch, not the lavender pods, but the broken arbor bench after a storm.


  1. Fascinating perspective ~ Rosaria style!

    'An assertion of strength by the weakest of elements' ~ what a great statement.

  2. ohhh, every one of these is truth, rosaria, and i guess that each one of them only begins to speak to the real truth beyond. brilliant.

    what is this vaster mystery just beyond? we yap at the heels of it, small anxious dogs.

    (i just wrote a poem that speaks to this, rosaria, what we know and do not know. i will post it in a few days or so, i think. we are on similar paths of trying to see.)))


  3. as Erin says, all are true. it is only our perspective that makes us pick one over the others.

  4. It must have been quite a storm.

  5. The disjointedness of it actually communicates the post storm brokeness well.

  6. Hmm.. isn't it perspective that makes all the difference?

  7. In 6th grade I took a friend to Chicago; it was her first visit. As we approached the city and saw the John Hancock building, she could not understand that it was then the tallest building in the world, as it looked shorter than what was in front of us. I guess with time and experience, we come to see that perspective is everything.

  8. this reminds me of the concept of wabi-sabi. i take that as being able to embrace all that is askew, out of place, ambivalent. this image and your words state this so well, rosaria. how much happier creatures we humans would be if we could just see the beauty in everything, not try to always force and rearrange it just so.

    an assertion of strength by the weakest of elements...yes. that is perfect.