Sunday, June 3, 2012

Graduating words.

Dear graduate,

in a few hours,
you'll step lively from childhood  
and all familiar stomping grounds,
leaving our expectations casually in the old backpack
and you will declare yourself grown-up
with a final toss of the cap to the wind.

You've grown 
with a mountain of do's and don'ts
a river of this and that
handed down from mother to daughter
father to son
generation after generation
protecting names and fortunes
so you could get to this moment with ease.

Your father and I are sending you out 
with a prayer:

that you continue to grow
responsible and hard-working
and temperate.

You know a few things, most of which will not help you during stormy nights because you never have been alone before to fight fear and loneliness, even disappointment, a simple thing, like when friends forget to pick you up.  You had never doubted the loyalty of friends before. Now, all of you away from home, you will anticipate eating what and when you want; going to bed past bedtime, and having freedoms you never had at home.

We're proud of you!
We're behind you

All this translates into three words: Don't F- Up!
(Guess what? You are bound to F-UP! sometimes. Know that humans do it without trying.)
But try to open that expectation backpack at least once a week. There, you will be reminded of what you should become, if you choose to become.
In all honesty? Don't waste your time and your family's fortune if you are going to F-Up. Just say so and save everyone future grief.

After all, this is your life. And now, you're fully in charge.

(You do know that we are all rooting for you, and watching out for you!)


Love you always,
Mom and Dad
and siblings
and Grandpa and Grandma
and Auntie Anne
and Uncle Bill
and Cousins Jim and Joe,
and all our neighbors for whom you babysat and housesat, and delivered papers to.

(Don't forget to call us often. Even if it is for money needs.)


  1. As the parent of a newly-minted graduate, I appreciate these words rosaria. Especially You are bound to F-UP! sometimes. Know that humans do it without trying. It's something my CG needs to understand, and realize that it is okay...Thank you.

  2. Those are wise words to the graduate. Congrats the the student who made it!

  3. it's not easy, is it? i laugh a little. we are all one another, after all, misfits on our journeys, just at different points on the timeline.)))

    yes, best to the graduate. don't forget to look at what truly has value in this life. this is the best way to make decisions))


  4. Wonderful advice to start a new life. And all just a phone call away.