Friday, March 1, 2013

The simple truth.

Easiest vegetable to grow-from seed to harvest.

If only we didn't expect
to dig up
after we
planted radishes.


  1. oh dang...def truth...and you will often get what you expect...

  2. Rosaria,
    I'm so glad that I found you again in this space -- your poetry is very moving and thought provoking. In some of your pieces I sense angst or disappointment.... you speak your truth here. Thank you for sharing so deeply.

  3. oh, the problems our expectations cause us! this is haiku at its heart. reminds me of an old koan:

    barn's burnt down. now i can see the moon.

  4. heh. what do we know of expectations, eh?

    however, with a little salt... :)))

    reminds me of a foolish thing i did when i was younger, that i could easily do again. i purchased a roll out bed of flowers from a child, a fundraiser. i watched and waited for those flowers to come up, all the while plucking the weeds to make room for them. little did i know that each weed i plucked was a future flower. not one flower was left.


  5. A nest of radishes, lovingly cared for - snail-proof, slug-proof. They will be more radiant and way tastier than truffles. (I never tasted truffles, so, easy for me to say, a born radish devourer.)

  6. Ummm, truffles, that would be a nice surpritse. I love arugula so that would be nice with the radishes.

  7. I love this one! Somehow, I have never learned to appreciate or understand I feel like I have a flat spot! But reading this one caught my attention. I can relate. To the the idea of the sense of being excited at the beginning and then the blah at the end. You are a gifted woman.