Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Notes to self.

The universe is many, and one person can't ever know all of it.
Galaxies, meteors, violence and birth are all around
visibly and invisibly present.
For a long minute, only love was visible.

The inferno can open up any second and swallow us
while we're on a walk or in the middle of dinner
discussing how paradise comes and goes as we sip our pinot
on the terrace overlooking the vineyards
a glimpse of rainbow on the west side.

What doesn't kill us will plant fear in our hearts we conclude
as we  taste joy in the foam of our morning cappuccino.

are codes on the right side of our page, translated by a hand  pecking the plastic,  hoping to leave an indelible mark before the electric generator wipes out all thought.


  1. i keep tallying things, rosaria, and all i can figure out is love and even this isn't always the easy answer, only the right(est) one.


    we must accept we leave no indelible mark except our damage. even the love goes.


  2. I just came upon Fred Rogers quote about focusing on the helpers in any tragedy. They outnumber the bombers. That thought helped as did the thousands of folks who opened up their homes to anyone displaced by the hotel closures.

  3. Your poem is simple and true – life can go away so swiftly so we need to enjoy every second.